Warsaw Uprising Museum

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Location: Warsaw

Note to the reader: I only wrote a single sentence for this day’s entry, despite having gone to the Warsaw Uprising museum. I’ve included that sentence, but this is a post almost entirely of pictures.

You can miss something but not want it.


sign over the entrance to the warsaw uprising museum
Sign hanging over the entrance into the museum.
nur fuer deutsche
This sign was used to separate poles from germans. the nazis had studied the jim crow south to learn how to segregate people, so seeing the equivalent of "whites only" was poignant for me.
polish resistance fighters
Polish resistance fighters. The single man smiling in the front row was unexpected.
sign about supplies from england
Description for supplies that had been sent to aid the uprising. Putting myself in this situation, receiving supplies from a foreign country in the middle of a war, it must have been incredibly powerful to know that your countrymen a world away were bleeding for you.
entrance to the rotating art installation
This was a rotating exhibit that, should you choose to participate, will scan your face and compare it to records from poles who fought in the uprising to find one that resembles you.
polish soldier who resembled me
This is the soldier whom I resemble. This is up for debate. You stand in front of the reflective pillar, position your face according to the prompts, and then it shows you a face. I did it twice and got to different results.