No More Camping

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Location: Ochamp -> Bastogne

Not much to say about today. I woke up around 8am. My destination was only 2 hours away, and the check-in time was 5pm.

I hung out at my “campsite” reading and watching “no reservations” until noon or so. I had three pints left over from the previous day, and I didn’t want to bike with that with me. So there was some morning drinking.

The ride followed a “pre” ravel route. It was well defined, followed an old train line, and went straight to Bastogne. The designation “pre” meant that it was gravel or packed earth, unlike an official route which would have been paved. It was kind of boring, to be honest. There was no turning for 35km.

never ending gravel path to bastogne
Riding on the pre-ravel path. It really wasn't bad, it just went on like this for almost two hours.

I arrived and grabbed a coffee, then walked to the park and waited until I could check in.

I rented a room in a tall skinny townhouse. The hostess was nice. I showered, relaxed, then went out to grab dinner at the grocery store. I sat in a different part of the same park until sundown having my dinner.

Being inside and eating or staring at my phone while the sun was up felt weird. I’ve watched videos on my phone while “camping” when the sun was still up, but being enclosed in my room had a different feel.

At sundown I headed back to enclose myself in my room and watch videos on my phone.

It was great having a bed. Something about the rest of my situation left me feeling dissatisfied.