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Location: Reims -> Charleville-Mézière -> Fumay -> Ochamp

I’m returning to camping today. And biking. I’ve literally only been away from it for two days, but the whole idea already seems weird. And I had been camping for two weeks.

Rain and storms are coming in the rest of the week, starting in a day or two. At great financial cost (comparatively .. 40EUR/night vs. camping for ~5EUR/night) I took a room in Bastogne for the remainder of the trip. There’s a lot of history there. Also, with the rain coming and no real destination beyond that, having a warm room and being able to liesurely visit the town for a few days sounds nice. Frank arrives friday, and then we head to the netherlands (and the bismut concert) on saturday.

I made a bit of a logistics error. I took the train to fumay and crossed massive hills to get to ochamp. I should have gone to sedan, saved myself about 20km of cycling, and probably a good deal of elevation gain.

crossing the border back into belgium
It almost felt like a homecoming of sorts to return. It was really nice to see this sign and cross back over.

I ended up sleeping in the woods. As the trip started, so the trip ends. The bivouac site is 2km away from where I am, but the path was basically bushwhacking the entire way. After about 70km of cycling with lots of elevation change, running out of water, and decent heat, I was done. Tomorrow is an extremely easy cycle on a paved ravel route, and I felt like I was ready to rest.

last campsite in the woods
My final campsite of the trip.

I called Bert to tell him I wouldn’t make it to see him. He appreciated me calling to let him know. He seems nice.

Reading about hemingway’s trip with f. scott fitzgerald in “a moveable feast” makes me realize all my challenges, troubles, and frustrations are just a part of a worthwhile adventure.